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I've had the pleasure of working with Jo for many years, her energy is always refreshing and more then anything she listens. Too often we're sold products just for the sake of a sale, with Jo and Rare Breed you can really trust what's being pitched. And always up for a laugh, added bonus.

Zak, Co Founder @ Prezzy Box

Rare Breed represents some of the best selling brands in our stores. Ranging from humorous gifts to design led accessories. Always providing tip top advice and superb customer service.

Kat, Head of buying @ Brand Academy

Working with Rare Breed has been an invigorating breath of fresh air. Not only does Jo focus on sales strategy per genre and sector, but also pays attention to marketing and brand awareness. We're working in a visual and creative industry, Rare Breed recognised this and took XD by the horns.

Sabrina, Head of Export @ XD Design.